100 with K-SWISS President Barney Waters


For the 100th anniversary, I wanted to invite Barney as the President of K-Swiss to talk about the Ups and Downs of a cultural brand that has fundamentally impacted my life since I’m 8 years old.
K-Swiss is not just a cultural brand to lots of us. It’s a brand that has experienced ups and downs. Through a positioning of the market of my audience, which is entrepreneurship and through collaborations with GaryVee for example, K-Swiss is reaching for the moon again. The brand has got lots of awareness the last couple of years and fundamentally lots of credits go to the President behind the brand which is Barney Waters. 
K-Swiss focuses on the CEOs wearing sneakers. It’s supposed to be the brand for the entrepreneurs of the future. How is K-Swiss executing on this powerful idea? Barney will tell us more in the interview. It’s been a blast, enjoy! 
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