113 with David Schnurman, President of the EO Organization in New York and Founder of LawLine: How do you focus to accelerate success?

How do you stay fearless and focused during an entrepreneurial journey? 

David Schnurman is the Co-Founder of Lawline, the largest provider of legal education in the United States. Moreover, he leads the Entrepreneurs Organization as the President of the initiative in New York. 
David went very deep in the entrepreneurial journey he went through – fears, risks, successful times. Stories which shall inspire young entrepreneurs to use methods and processes to act fearlessly and drive positive action to bring the company and oneself as a founder forward. Lots of founders have lots of potential possibilities which direction the startup could take. David gives an overview on how he solved the known issues that a founder goes through.
Enjoy the podcast. Let us know here how you liked it! 

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