112 with the Inventor of the Taser and CEO of Axon, Rick Smith: How do you use technology to prevent people from killing?

Ever wondered who the founder of the Taser is? 

When Rick Smith, CEO of Axon (formerly TASER) lost two of his close friends due to gun violence, he saw himself in the responsibility to solve the issue of people just firing bullets at each other. 
Being 23 in that time frame, he invented the Taser, a nonlethal weapon that now is being used by police forces and military troups around the globe. In addition to that, his company, which now has around 1000 employees, has been inventing different technologies and devices. 
To further fulfill his vision and to inform even more people, he has been releasing his book „The End of Killing“. 

We chatted about his starting process of inventing the taser and building the company, the challenges he had faced when doing that and his view and mission to use technology for the good in order to stop killing on planet earth. 


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