111 with Award-Winning Author and UX Specialist Jeff Gothelf: How do you set up an organization to deliver high-quality products?

How do you actually build an organization that is able to produce world-class products? 

A big question that needs pure answers. Jeff Gothelf is the man who can answer them. Jeff is an award-winning author and expert on building cultures and organizations that produce amazing products. Through his range of books, he has published the internationally recognized book „Lean UX“ and has been an expert on the space of Lean UX. 
As a consultant, he has worked with companies like CNBC, General Electric, Target and many other Fortune 500 companies – including German ones as well. He has been featured in different well-known magazines and has moreover founded his own press company to support busy people publish their books. 
Nowadays, companies executives want their companies to produce excellent products. In order to inspire people to do that, cultural changes are necessary. Jeff and I chat about his story of becoming an author and his tips on changing culture for a better network effect within the company. Enjoy. 
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